Born and raised?
I was born in Fontana, California and I grew up in San Bernardino, California.

I have 3 siblings, Frank my older brother, and Daniel and James my younger brothers.

Married? Children?
Yes, my wife Kelly of 6 years and my two boys, John and Samuel.

How long have you been playing piano?
As of the year 2017, 16 years!

Favorite song to play?
It would have to be Beethoven's 21st Sonata, Movement III. I love the complexity of the simplicity.

Styles of piano you play?
I started playing classical music in the first 5 years. I then moved to jazz, but was perplexed as to how hard it was to change my classical playing. I also started playing in church, and begin to learn the difference between "solo" piano and "band" piano. Every new adventure had a rocky start, however learning different styles made me a better all around musician.

Nervous when you perform?
I always get nervous when I perform, it just depends on how much. I get the most nervous when I do solo piano recitals. In general, I am the most nervous in the 10 minute window before the time I start performing.

Who was your piano teacher?
I am a self taught piano player, I have never had a teacher. I've always been very self motivated, however this can be one of the things I regret not having in my early years of learning how to play.

Favorite icecream?
Strawberry Vanilla Banana.

Favorite food?
I like italian, most likely because growing up I would always love my moms lasagna.

What kind of performances do you do?
I do private and public shows, ranging from private homes to concert stadiums. I also like to play piano in different or odd places just for fun.

Do you offer piano lessons?
Yes, I do, in fact I am teaching online for free on my instagram. Just look up johns_piano_lessons on Instagram, or go to my lessons page.

Other talents/professions?
I am a first degree black belt, I play 4 other musical instruments, President of Concert of Hope Community Outreach a not for profit organization that helps homeless and people in need, and Traffic Engineering.

Musical Influences?
My faith as a Christian beleiving in Jesus Christ has been my main influence in music. Other than that, Art Tatum, Vladimir Horowitz, Johann Bach, Ludwig Beethoven, Frederic Chopin and Mozart. Out of the living artists of today would be anything that sounds good, I like to listen to all kinds of music and learn to blend with my playing style. Country, Jazz, Pop, and similar genres really inspire me to add to my playing.

Childhood Dream Job?
Police Officer
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