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An Alternate Perspective to the Classics
The Informal Volume 1 project features traditional songs that are turned into non traditional piano arrangements. Containing songs written in range from the 1600s to the mid 1900s, this project takes surprising twists and melodies that alter perspective on the classics; not intending to replace but to reintroduce in a new way. One of the goals of the album is...can you recognize the song? This album may inspire you to do some homework on great composers such as Mozart and Bach, as well as research old inspiring hymnals to refresh your memory of the classics.
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Piano Solo
Piano solo version of my original score, Unleashed. Listen/Download for free by clicking preview:
For Piano and Ensemble
Unleashed is a project written for piano and ensemble: string section, horns and other combining instruments. The overall feel of the album is more a classical vibe, but that has a modern and jazz element at times, and a mixture of different styles throughout. The message of the album is based on Romans 6:4-6 which states that if we are in Christ we are no longer enslaved to sin. The picture the album paints is one of redemption, and Jesus Christ redeeming and saving the world from sin.
A 2016 Christmas Production
Celebrate with me on my first personal Christmas Album! This project features a variety of styles with lead piano, string melodies, soft saxophone, driving beats, soulful sounds, and more. I had fun with this project through various inspirations that all come from the Christmas spirit. The album captures various themes but in a playful way. Add more Christmas songs to your list this year, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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